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Get Ready For A CA$H TSUNAMI

Turn $10 Into UNLIMITED $80 Payments

The CA$H Tsunami plan is designed for you to earn faster and quadruple your income automatically. We use a very small 2x1 Member Forced single-line matrix structure to maximize your results!
The CA$H Tsunami is split into 5 levels. Each Level is its own unique single level matrix.
Every-time you complete a full cycle, you will receive $80 and 4 re-entries back into Level 1, thus creating a never ending flow of income!
Due to the constant re-entries, there will be eventually a lot of spillover of positions from your up-line, as well as those that will join after you within your team.

It pays to promote: For every person you refer to our program, you will collect $5 in Sponsoring Bonuses for EVERY one of their positions, once that has completed a Full Cycle.

A detailed description of all the earnings and benefits per level are shown further below.

How it all works:

Activate your account by successfully paying $10 to purchase your first position, and you are automatically entered into Level 1. Then start using your referral link to find just 2 other people!

That is all you will ever need: $10 and 2 referrals - Period!

Once you got your 2 people, either from your own efforts or that of your upline (If any of your upline or yourself refer more than 2 people, they will fall under the next available spot within your matrix), you will then be automatically entered into level 2. Once your level 2 is filled (2 positions), you will be automatically entered into level 3. Once level 3 has been filled (2 positions), you will be auto upgraded to level 4 and finally, once level 4 has been filled (2 positions) you enter level 5.

Now pay attention: Once you cycle out of level 5 (1st Full Cycle), you receive 4 re-entries back into level 1.
You will also receive an entry into our main matrix.
Then the two you referred (or by your up-line) will follow you and also get 4 re-entries, which then auto upgrade your 4 new positions to level 2.
What this means for you is, once your 4 re-entries cycle level 5 the second time (2nd Full Cycle), you will receive 16 re-entries into level 1. Your 2 referrals will receive 16 re-entries each as well when they cycle and your 16 positions will be auto upgraded to level 2. When those 16 positions cycle level 5 for the 3rd time, now you will get 64 re-entries back into level 1 and then your two referrals will follow you.
Now remember, that EVERY position collects $80 for a full cycle! I think you get the idea

This will keep repeating over and over again for as long as you are an active member here at the CA$H Tsunami.

In Summary:
You can earn thousands easily with the CA$H Tsunami over time, but wait, there is more. Keep in mind, that the sponsor's bonus also quadruple with EACH REFERRAL. Just 1 referral that completes a full cycle 5 times, would earn you $1280. If you have 10 referrals that cycle out 5 times, that would be $12,800 just in sponsor bonuses.
Earnings Disclaimer:
There is no limit to how much you can earn, but be aware that this will take some time, if not weeks or maybe even months, as you rely not just on your own efforts, but also the efforts of your team members (downline). There are no guaranteed earnings unless you are willing to keep promoting your referral link.
If you have NO intention to promote or help otherwise - PLEASE DO NOT JOIN!

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